What does a complete rebuilding entail?

Piano rebuilding is the process of replicating and replacing every component of the piano other than the case and legs. Just like any complex machine, the components of the piano wear and age with time and began to perform poorly. Many of the major components of the piano are made of wood, which contracts and expands with humidity changes, and must be replaced in order to ensure optimal performance of the instrument. Not all pianos require the same amount of rebuilding, some need just one component replaced, while others demand a complete rebuild.

The major components that are replaced in a full restoration are the pinblock, which holds the tension of the strings; the soundboard, which amplifies the sound waves created by the strings; and the bridge caps, which connect the strings to the soundboard. This process involves completely deconstructing the piano, replicating the original parts, and reconstructing and restringing the instrument. The action is commonly rebuilt during this process, replacing all parts with new, modern action components that will last for generations. The instrument may also be refinished during this process, including the cast-iron plate, the inner rim, the outer rim, and case parts, making your instrument perform and look like it just rolled out of the factory.

When considering a rebuilding, it is advisable to have estimates performed by more than one qualified technician that have rebuilding experience. Every technician will have a slightly different opinion as to how much of the piano requires rebuilding, and the cost of each aspect of the rebuild.