If your piano is in need of repairs, chances are you’re aware of it. Most commonly, problems arise in the form of a ‘broken’ or ‘sticking’ key, which are words used to describe a multitude of possible mechanical errors. Other common repairs are broken strings, notes that won’t stay in tune, pedals that are performing improperly, or any number of various functional issues with you piano.

I’m happy to perform simple repairs at no charge during the course of a tuning, however, certain repairs take some time, or must be performed in the shop, in which case my rate is $100/hr.



Thinking of buying or selling a piano? Get a fair price by having the instrument appraised. During an appraisal I evaluate the integrity of every component of the piano, the past work performed on the instrument, and the market value of instruments of the same make and model. My fee for written appraisals is $150. For a more informal look-over of the instrument, to ensure the integrity of the components, my fee is $80.


Voicing is the process of evening the tone of each note on the keyboard, giving a rich and consistent voice to the piano. Over years of use, the felt that strikes the strings of the instrument begins to compact and harden, which produces a harsh, often inconsistent tone. While I’m always touching up a note here or there as I tune, a complete voicing is a long process that requires an adequate regulation and tuning. Every piano has different demands when it comes to voicing, there is no standard price, just my hourly rate of $100.

Humidity Control

Many pianos suffer from poor humidity control. Either due to changes in the environment, vicinity to heaters, or other environmental concerns, these pianos struggle to stay in-tune, and their components experience undue wear. Dampp-Chaser is the world’s premier humidity control system for pianos. A complete Dampp-chaser system includes humidifying and dehumidifying components that constantly work to keep a healthy and consistent humidity for your piano. As a certified Dampp-chaser installer I have the knowledge and skills to properly and effectively install a system that will stabilize your instrument, and lengthen its life. The cost of a Dampp-chaser system varies with the model selected and the type of piano.


Whenever you’re considering having major work done on your instrument it is smart to have multiple technicians perform estimates. Everyone has different opinions as to what work is required and the costs associated with the work.

Piano Products

Most piano supply companies only sell to piano technicians, and those that sell to piano owners are selling at a considerable mark up. Common piano products sold are piano benches, music desk lamps, caster cups, metronomes, and hygrometers.